Q&A with Right Mood

Club Chi'll Records welcomes Fernando of Right Mood to the label. Find out more about another of our international signings-

1. Tell us about you-where are you from? Hi everyone! My name is Fernando Cabral, I'm the music producer behind the act called "Right Mood", I'm 42 years old, I'm from Brazil and I live in Campinas, a city located around 100 kilometers from São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil. 2. What music did you listen to growing up? In my childhood, I used to listen to a lot of brazilian country music cause It was what my parents were listening to on the radio. When I was around 9 years old, my parents bought the first sound system of the house and them, because of that, I had access to their old vinyl collection which gave me the opportunity to listen to some classic movies soundtracks, rock n roll from the 1950s and 1960s and forró (one of the typical musical genres of the north of Brazil). Soon I was lending vinyl from my grandfather and my uncle and from their collection I was able to listen to some brazilian popular music, that we call here in Brazil by the acronym MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), thanks to my grandpa collection, besides some new sounds for me, at the time, like Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, The Smiths, thanks to my uncle collection. 3. How and why dance/House music? When I was around 10 years old I was already in love with electronic music due to bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, and Pet Shop Boys, and one day I remember listening to "Pump Up the Jam" by Technotronic for the first time on the radio and I thought to myself: "This track is so cool!!" From that moment on, my interest in House/Dance music has grown more and more as I was growing up as well. When I was 14, I had already a nice collection of house music records, and then I started Djing at small parties in my neighborhood. 4. When did you start producing and what other producers have inspired you? Around 1994, my will of making my own music was growing up and I started searching for information about electronic music production, a very hard-to-find subject in Brazil at the time (pre-internet era), and then I saw in a magazine an ad for a sampler from Roland, called DJ70, so I knew that to make electronic music I had to have a sampler or a synth. That's when my electronic music production journey has started. I took some years saving money to afford a sampler and in 1997 I bought my first piece of equipment, an S3000XL from Akai. Two producers have inspired me at the beginning. One of them is Francesco Bontempi, aka Lee Marrow and the other one is Torsten Fenslau, know for his acts like Culture Beat and Beat Synthicate. Those 2 guys were the responsible ones, at first, for making me search for the producer's names of the tracks on the vinyl label. When I heard the tracks that those 2 guys made, I just had to know who made it cause I wanted to make some cool stuff just like them. 5. What are your intentions for the future? To keep producing music, to keep learning and enhancing my efforts to promote my music and make it reaches more and more listeners around the world. I also want to promote parties dedicated to house music here in my hometown allowing upcoming producers to show their work besides, of course, well-established artists.

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