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Licence To Chill

Established 2020 by Ian 'Snowy' Snowball, Wade Teo and Lorraine Snowball in association with Club Chi (For The Dance Generation) to specialise in Deep and Chilled House music. We aim to release both a clubbing mix and a chilled mix of each track that the label takes on-giving us the Club and the Chill. We want you to dance, and we want you to feel chilled. Since our debut release VIBE THREE by Marshall (The Godfather of House Music) Jefferson and Human Condition by Jungle Wonz in July, Club Chi'll Records is the label to keep an eye on...even if it is from the dancefloor or the poolside lounger. By joining us you get your licence to chill.


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Maidstone, Kent. UK.

+44 (0)7958 587756

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